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Well you've done it now - You have reached my photography page. I have always been interested in photography. I started out in high school when I saved up to purchase my first camera. I is a Nikon FM. I then proceeded to join the Photography Explorer Post located at the United States Steel I learned many things there and I feel that this is when I caught the photography bug.

Over the years I took many many photos, and slides(My Favorite), and traveled allot with my family taking photos all the time.

But photography was an expensive hobby and I stared not taking as many photos as I once did. I would think do I really want to take this and commit it to film? But then the Digital Age came along and I had my hands at several different cameras. The first digital camera that I remember using was one that I had use of at Java-Connect (This was a local Internet Cafe Owned by Jim Hartman and run by me) The camera that Jim bought was a Sony FDC-80(??) It stored all the photos on Floppy Diskette and the quality was ok. But I got interested in Photography again.

After Java-Connect closed up I started working at Mellon Bank. There I started taking many photos of Pittsburgh with my old Nikon. Then after a few years I got into Digital on my own when I purchase a Kodak DC-4800 on April 2nd, 2001. This was my the big step or should I say leap that sent me spiraling down into the world of Digital Photography. Well, over the next 3 years I took over 4,000 digital photos. During this time I feel I started to develop my skills as both photographer and digital developer. Because I enjoyed working with the photos afterwards as much as I enjoyed taking them.

This brings us to my current camera. I purchased a Canon 10D - My first DSLR. I got this camera on June 6th, 2003. And since then I have taken many photos with it. I am not enjoying the art of photography again. I enjoy playing with the settings of the camera and would highly recommend this camera. Along with this camera I bought the Sigma 28-105mm Lens. I have to say this is a wonderful combination.

Now, that you have read this far here are a few of my gallery pages.

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